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  • How are my plants shipped?
    We ship our hemp plants throughout Austria. Because shipping has to be fast, we ship exclusively via express shipping from the Austrian Post. To make sure that your plants get to you within 24 hours, we only ship from Monday to Wednesday! We only ship in neutral, unmarked, discreet boxes.
  • Why can't I order the flavor I want?
    Sometimes one or more of our varieties may be temporarily out of stock. This can happen, for example, when there is high demand or we want to give our mother plants a little rest before we cut new cuttings again. If a variety is out of stock, contact us by email or phone to find out when your desired variety is available again.
  • Do your plants have a guarantee?
    Unfortunately no. As you can also read in our terms and conditions, we unfortunately cannot give any guarantee on living plants.
  • What do I have to consider when caring for my hemp ornamental plant?
    Basically not much. Hemp is one of the most frugal plants of all and therefore does not require much care. Like any other plant, hemp primarily needs light and water. Depending on the substrate, we recommend that you fertilize your plant at least a little - that's all it really needs. Whether you fertilize to the milliliter with perfectly adjusted pH and EC values and add plant strengtheners on top of that depends on your enthusiasm. 🙂
  • What happens when I let my plant finish flowering?
    If you leave your plant with you until the final flowering phase, you are violating Section 6 of the Austrian Narcotics Act. Strictly speaking, the criminal offense of "obtaining narcotic drugs" is only fulfilled if you have demonstrably picked flowers or leaves from your plant in this phase (as soon as your plant contains THC), but simply by owning the plant you make yourself from this point onwards time punishable! That's why we advise you to dispose of your plant early in the flowering phase - after all, we don't want you to risk committing a crime. 🙂
  • My plant is blooming - do I have a criminal problem now?
    Don't panic. If your plant starts flowering due to insufficient light (<18h/day) - stay calm! The plant still does not contain any psychoactive THC in the first days of the flowering phase (recognizable by the threads) and is therefore still considered an ornamental plant! However, if everything is fine with your lighting, your plant has entered the flowering phase for another reason and it is best to simply dispose of your plant in the organic waste. Your flowering plant will contain THC in a few days and is unfortunately illegal in Austria from this point in time, which means that you are liable to prosecution!
  • Do you also run a wholesale business?
    Yes. For wholesale information, please contact us directly.
  • Isn't what you're doing illegal?
    No. In Austria, the legal situation is still as follows: as long as a hemp plant has not developed any fruit, i.e. flowers, and therefore does not yet contain any psychoactive THC, the plant does not fall under the Narcotic Substances Act (SMG) and is legally nothing more than an ornamental plant. It is therefore completely legal in Austria to sell hemp plants as cuttings and young plants. All hemp varieties listed in the EU catalog of varieties are not affected by the SMG, even during the flowering phase. These varieties do not develop a higher THC value than 0.3% even in the final flowering phase and may be freely cultivated and their flowers harvested throughout the EU and thus also in Austria.


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